About Top Serve Tennis

Top Serve Tennis is a "bricks and mortar" store that has been a leader in the Australian tennis industry since 1986.

Our staff members are the most experienced and most qualified racquet technicians in Australia.

We have serviced players from McEnroe, Vilas, Muster, Hingis, Mauresmo to today’s stars, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Sharapova, the Williams sisters and most of the current crop of players.

Apart from servicing the elite players, we also cater to all levels of players including beginners, once-a-week social players ... anyone who wants to improve their game!

Our Racquet Technicians



  • Certified Stringer (USRSA)
  • Master Racquet Technician (USRSA)
  • Pro Tour Stringer (ERSA)
  • Master Pro Tour Stringer - Level 3
  • Recognised by ERSA (April 2012) amongst a group of 10 of the world's elite racquet technicians.

Favourite Racquet: Macro.Spin (it’s my cheat stick)
Favourite String: Racquetfuel Super 1.25mm

Professional Experience:

  • Head of Official Stringing Team for Australian Open 2006-2008
  • Head Stringer for Australian Womens Hardcourts 2005-2008
  • Head of Official Stringing Team for Nasdaq Miami Open 2004
  • Head of Luxilon Tournament Stringing Team for Grand Slams and Tennis Masters Series 2001-2004
  • Member of Official Stringing Team Roland Garros 2007
  • Strung at US Open and French Open as private stringer for personal clients
  • Head of TopServe Player Service @ Australian Open 1994-2005
  • 30 years experience of servicing elite players, racquet stringing and frame customising
  • Equipment consultant to many touring professionals
  • Equipment consultant for coach/player education to Tennis Australia
  • Consultant to leading racquet and string manufacturers
  • World-renowned designer & developer of stringing machines
  • USRSA member for 30 years
  • Over 10 years experience - professional tennis coaching (including 3 ATP/WTA Tour players)



Favourite Racquet: Yonex Vcore Duel G 97 (330g)
Favourite String: Toalson Devil Spin 1.25mm
Favourite shot: Backhand (one-handed) down-the-line
Favourite food: Spaghetti (thicker gauge - at least 1.30mm). I like it Luxilon style - al dente.

Professional experience:

  • Certified tennis coach (Polish and Spanish licences)
  • Coach of  top junior Polish players
  • Head coach and Pro Shop manager of a tennis club in Warsaw
  • Director of tennis Pro-Am tournaments in Warsaw
  • Official distributor of Donnay tennis products in Poland
  • Author of numerous articles on tennis equipment and tennis coaching



Favourite Racquet: Tecnifibre TFlash Dynacore 315
Favourite String: Tecnifibre Razor Code 1.25mm

  • Tennis player since the age of 5 years and has played in AR Junior Tournaments and AMTs
  • Coach at Online Tennis (Roseville) since 2012
  • Favourite tennis shot is the forehand down-the-line
  • Favourite tennis player - Roger Federer for his all-round game and effortless style of play
  • Favourite meal is a chicken schnitzel dinner
  • Favourite weekend activity (besides tennis) is spending time at the beach
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