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Topserve Premium Ball 4-Ball Can


Who said that the best tennis ball can’t also be the cheapest?

The Topserve Premium ball outlasts mainstream branded balls by up to 3 times … and at a fraction of the price.

The ball is made using 55% wool content in its felt and from the highest quality rubber core which is coated internally to prevent air pressure leakage, creating an extremely durable ball which maintains its top quality performance and bounce far longer than other balls.

The Topserve Premium ball performs exceptionally on ALL surfaces.

How can Topserve produce such a quality ball compared to mainstream manufacturers?
It is very simple ...

• No fancy packaging ... the Topserve Premium balls comes in “cleanskin” cans and plain boxes.
• No marketing expenses … no player endorsements, no tournament contracts, no superfluous ball approval arrangements from national federations!
• So you just pay for a quality ball, not all the other ancillary costs!

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