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Aussie Clean Sweep


Now with The Aussie Clean Sweep and very little effort you can groom your tennis court to a perfect finish. At an efficient width of 2.4m it removes leaves, pine needles, sticks, stones, in fact just about any foreign debris in a matter of minutes.
No more frustrating raking, sweeping, vacuuming or blowing. There is no motor, no noise, it’s simple, inexpensive and can’t break down. Your court will look great and by keeping it clean your maintenance costs will be greatly reduced. It is quick and easy to use, will save you hours and has a gentle grooming action that is beneficial to the court surface.
Thousands of Aussie Clean Sweeps are currently in use throughout the world by court owners who are thrilled with the results. Constructed from quality materials it is durable, maintenance free and comes with a 3–year warranty. You just keep it ready for use in the corner of the court.

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