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Toalson Spoon PW 102

Code: TSPW102
Brand: Toalson

Head Size 658 cm2
Frame Length 686 mm
Frame Weight 285 grams
Frame Balance 325 mm
Frame Swingweight 264 kg.cm2
Beam Width 22-20.5-27 mm
Frame Stiffness 71 DA Points
String Pattern 16 x 19 Mains x Crosses

The TOALSON SPOON is designed with a more flexible aerodynamic frame cross section in the tip and a stiffer box shaped cross section at 3 and 9 o’clock that causes the head of the frame to cup inward at 3 and 9 o’clock at impact in the shape of a spoon. This cupping of the frame increases the dwell time of the ball on the strings for greater control with lower shock. As the frame recovers, it causes the strings to snap back with more energy and return the ball with greater velocity resulting in more power with less effort.

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