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Yonex Vcore Pro 97 (310g)

Code: 20162
Brand: Yonex

Head Size 625 cm2
Frame Length 686 mm
Frame Weight 310 grams
Frame Balance 310 mm
Frame Swingweight 285 kg.cm2
Beam Width 19-20 mm
Frame Stiffness 71 DA Points
String Pattern 16 x 19 Mains x Crosses

More Spin, More Speed, More Bounce Height Higher bounce due to greater spin and speed. Creates heavy drives with devastating power. +4.0% more Spin. +2.7% more Speed. +10cm more Bounce Height.

NAMD Overpower with Heavy Drives. With NAMD graphite’s unique flex and fast frame snapback, you can grip the ball and fire-off aggressive, attacking spin.

Improved Throat Design Dictate with Superior Spin With an enhanced throat design allowing for optimum torque, you can apply more spin energy to the ball.

Lock Booster System Crush the Ball. An improved grommet design that promotes string contact for efficient energy transfer and ball crushing power.

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